NewScapePro “Fate” Visual Reel
(Fortnite Shorts)

Fate: A dry villain who has a tumultuous relationship with Omega, Tier 100.  Fate is the younger sister of Omen, the villain base mastermind — though she doesn’t like to admit it, she’ll use it to gain respect if she has to.  Lower register voice.

NewScapePro “Huntress” Visual Reel
(Fortnite Shorts)

Huntress: A viking who cares about power, and will jump from relationship to relationship based on who she believes to be most powerful.  She is supposed to be with Ragnarok, who worships the ground she walks on.  He is a weak crybaby which turns Huntress off.  Scandinavian accent. (HINT — there’s a rap battle at the end!)

NewScapePro “Hime & FlapJackie” Visual Reel
(Fortnite Shorts)

Hime: A strong, warrior princess Samurai in love with Musha.  Their families hate each other, so they run away together. Lower register, accent.

Flapjackie: An extremely energetic football mascot battling with Growler to be the Patriots #1 mascot.  Her voice is very high pitched and excitable.

Narration Visual Demo

Minecraft Machinima Visual Reel

Minecraft Machinima Visual Reel – Dramatic