Check out these animation reels with audio only!  Video/visual version available here.

NewScapePro Fate Audio Reel
(Fortnite Shorts)

Fate: A dry villain who has a tumultuous relationship with Omega, Tier 100. ¬†Fate is the younger sister of Omen, the villain base mastermind ‚ÄĒ though she doesn‚Äôt like to admit it, she‚Äôll use it to gain respect if she has to. ¬†Lower register voice.

NewScapePro Huntress Audio Reel
(Fortnite Shorts)

Huntress: A viking who cares about power, and will jump from relationship to relationship based on who she believes to be most powerful. ¬†She is supposed to be with Ragnarok, who worships the ground she walks on. ¬†He is a weak crybaby which turns Huntress off. ¬†Scandinavian accent. (HINT — there’s a rap battle at the end!)

NewScapePro Hime & Flapjackie Audio Reel (Fortnite Shorts)

Hime: A strong, warrior princess Samurai in love with Musha.  Their families hate each other, so they run away together. Lower register, accent.

Flapjackie: An extremely energetic football mascot battling with Growler to be the Patriots #1 mascot.  Her voice is very high pitched and excitable.

Minecraft Machinima Audio Reel

Minecraft Machinima Audio Reel – Dramatic